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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 16

Desiree (left): One of the things that made me fall in love with the boy was his singing. I still swoon when he picks up his guitar & I probably always will. Music is a big part of our lives here and nothing makes me happier than seeing Gretchen get excited about the piano. She will scream til someone helps her onto the bench so she can reach the keys (often with her feet) and is very serious about hitting the keys, one by one. My little perfectionist. I hope this drive will always be within her & that her relationship to music will thrive & grow. Just like her daddio.
Johanna (right): This week I challenged Desiree and I to take a picture that depicts the theme relationships. Of course there are so many kinds of relationships out there but when I took this picture I just knew that this specific relationship was the one I wanted to focus on, the relationship of siblings. This picture of my niece and nephew shows so much love to me. This evening as I visited my sister and her two cuties, I went outside and just watched them play together. It was so fascinating to watch them interact, talk play together.
I grew up with two older sisters and feel so lucky have been given the gift of two amazing girl friends who I can always talk to and who will always be there for me. Siblings are those people who know and get everything about you. They can relate to the crazy family that you come from and stick by you thick and thin.
My hope for my niece and nephew is that their relationship continues to grow together and that they be there for each other as they grow up.

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