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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Not feeling so hot over here. It seems I've caught some kind of stomach bug and boy is it ever nasty. I'll spare you the details...but just know that I am one tired, achy, upset stomachy gal right now and want nothing more than to be babied. Good thing my hubs is around to do that, well as much as a guy can "baby" someone. Sorry but I'm convinced that women do a better job at being the caregiver to someone who is sick. But that's just the way it is....

So this is what I've been up to lately......
  • I made a huge batch of homemade organic applesauce for Noah this week. It tastes amazing mixed in with his high fat yoghurt. I sometimes sneak a bite. I love making his food homemade. If you haven't seen this blog on homemade baby food, I suggest that you check it out......
  • I went for a nice long walk yesterday with a friend and her babe. We walked along a path that looks over Lake was nice to feel the sand between my toes......
  • I suggested to Winslow what to get me for Mother's Day. Is that wrong? I don't necessarily think so. I discussed this with two other mothers in a shop today and they said that when they don't tell heir husbands what to get them then they end up getting things like tools and small appliances-no thanks.
Anyhoo, that's what's up here. Not too much eh? I seriously hope your weekend has been more exciting than mine. Anything good to share?

signed one sick mama


  1. Oh no. Feel better soon. And I'm all about recommending gift ideas. I think it's appreciated and I'm happier!:) I have two L.L. necklaces and love, love them. Get well soon!

  2. Awe, get well soon!
    Sending lots of love!

    (ps. we also eat a tasty applesauce/yogourt combo over here -- yumm!)

  3. I love hearing of other mamas who make their own baby food! I got such a joy in making it for my sweet lil ones!
    And nothing wrong with hinting for the right gift, since my husband is not so good with hints I purchased my own personalized necklace and thanked him :)

  4. I told Matt to get me the same thing but I don't think he did. I may have to just order it myself.

  5. I LOVE the necklace--I might, too, suggest this to my to see the yummy applesauce results! Keep on babyfood making mama. xxoo

  6. Hope you're feeling better! Stomach bugs are never pleasant ;)

  7. Awww...hope you feel better soon.

    I always recommend gifts...I find it makes things so much easier.

  8. I've just stumbled upon your blog, and I'm now a new follower! I absolutely love homemade applesauce -- feel better soon!

  9. and what is the difference? baby food homemade or grown up food homemade. careful this practice could last longer than you want!!! lol.

  10. homemade applesauce is such a comfort food. Hope you're feeling better lovely lady x


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