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Saturday, May 8, 2010

being a mama means...

being a mama means....

learning new things everyday...going down my list of what could be wrong and trying to fix the problem at hand...not always knowing what is wrong with my babe (sometimes instinct doesn't kick in)...sometimes being the one and only person who can comfort my babe...being a mama bear sometimes...that I am tired all the time...and that because I am tired I can be grumpy sometimes and impatient...that no matter how tired I am I still find the energy to keep going... that I know a type of love that didn't exist before my babe was born...that I get to play, read, sing, clap, dance, cuddle and kiss everyday...that my body can provide nourishment to my babe...that I am truly blessed because I have been given a gift from God- my Noah...

happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. enjoy your day on Sunday.


  1. Noah is blessed to have a mother like you and one day he'll tell you that. Happy Mother's Day to you too!


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