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Sunday, April 18, 2010

two mamas, two babes and a lovely morning together

I can't tell you all how lovely it was to finally meet the girl behind the blog on Friday morning. I got so excited as I navigated my way through Peterborough trying to find Desiree's home. Along the way I pulled over, got out my cell and called her- just making sure I was on the right path to her place.
When I arrived it was just as I pictured it, her lovely blue house on a beautiful quiet street and I knew it was her place because of that sweet little fawn figurine sitting on her front steps.
Desiree came out, we exchanged hugs and then we stepped inside her adorable home. Noah felt right at home and quickly took off to meet Gretchen and play with her toys.
We gabbed a bit, nursed the babes, took pics, watched them play and then took off for a walk to get a coffee.
It was just so nice, catching up, asking each other questions, and comparing stories.
Before we knew it our time together came to an end. I asked her to take me to the foot bridge that I have seen so many times in her was really nice to see all of her photographic landmarks in person.
It really was special to have that time together. I knew that it may not ever happen again, especially if and when we move up North.
Thanks so much Desiree. You my dear are a kindred spirit!
Oh and stay tuned to see the absolutely adorable robot pants that she made for Noah!


  1. Oh, I am so glad you had a wonderful time together! What a sweet pair you are.

  2. my two favorite bloggers together! xoxoxo to you both.

  3. How exciting that you got to meet each other!

  4. Aweee!! It was SO good to meet you and little Noah! I promise to get my pics up from the day soooooooon! I've been such a slacker (or well, my attention has been on a million projects!)


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