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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 10

Johanna (left): Lately I've really enjoyed getting down to Noah's eye level and playing with him on the ground. We can build towers with wooden blocks and knock them down for hours - it never grows old. It's also very satisfying to sit back and watch him as he occupies himself.I find it fascinating to observe him as he crawls around on his mat, eyeing different toys. I love watching him as he picks up and inspects his toys.
This is such an exciting time in Noah's life right now. He has learned how get from one place to another and can express himself when he wants something or doesn't want something. Every moment is a learning moment and I feel it is so important to slow down and really watch him.

Desiree (right): Gretchen and Winston have a rather peculiar relationship. I have no real experience with what it would be like to have two children, but some days it really feels like I have a 1-year-old AND a 4-year-old. For instance, on this particular afternoon as we sat in our backyard, Gretchen kept approaching the dog to steal the plastic bottle he was very happy to be chewing, only to have Winston get up and move 5 feet away each time she got close. However, whenever the dog moved just passed her reach, Gretchen would come forth with a scream to end all screams. A wailing, temper tantrum, gimme gimme scream! Part of me was amazed at how angry she could be at the dog -- and part of me had to giggle a little. Thankfully most of the time they are happy to snuggle up together like the loving siblings that they are.

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  1. There is nothing better then watching little ones at play! They are so in the moment and absorbed in what they are doing. We could learn from them!!!


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