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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

these are the people in your neighbourhood

Yesterday Noah and I went for a walk with my friend Stephanie and her lil babe Clarence and guess who we ran into? Two beautiful Macaw parrots named Max (the blue and gold) and Molly (the red)! They were hanging outside of a Tim Horton's with their owner Eric Young and were quite happy to bask in the sun's warmth and the attention of people passing by (like me!).
Such beautiful birds with gorgeous colours- I just had to snap some photos. So I asked Eric if that would be okay and he was more than happy to allow me to photograph them, so long as I agree to email him the pics (which I did).
So here they are....Max and Molly. To read more about Max you can visit Eric's web page.


  1. cool eh?
    this proves my point that one should always bring their camera along with never know what you might see!


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