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Friday, March 12, 2010

I love....

I love...going for long walks on sunny days...birds nests...being creative in the kitchen...wearing skirts...drinking chai tea...freshly washed and folded baby's kissy baby's kissy parties...
What are you loving right now?
Happy Friday dear friends!


  1. Beautiful photo!

    What do I love right now.... the weather!

  2. siiiiighhhh.... i'm loving this post, the fact that the weekend is here and that it's spring ahead on sunday. one less hour of sleep, but more sunshine in the day.


  3. what am i loving right now?? we are at the end of winter, and i am embracing missing warm, sunny days...
    you have a lovely blog...

  4. I think you and I have a lot in common, Johanna! I'm loving long walks and I'm loving tying on an apron and making magic in the kitchen. I'm also loving bringing my camera everywhere I go. My latest and happiest addiction! Much healthier than chocolate.

    Hope you're having a beautiful weekend. xo Gigi

    PS I'm with you on pizza parties, too!!!

  5. Johanna! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your little guy is beautiful. And your watercolors are fantastic. I think in my next life I'll be Canadian!:)
    We're loving green grass. And strong coffee. And lots of birthday parties.
    Happy weekend to you!


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