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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the tuesday diptych project

johanna (left): I took this photo while out on a drive this past weekend. As I drove down a quiet country road I was drawn to the bare silhouettes of the trees against the winter grey sky and decided to stop and take a picture. To me, the quiet surroundings spoke to my need for some peace in my life. Lately it feels as though life has been throwing me few punches with big changes coming our way and a husband who has been away for over a month. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts and somewhat out of balance, and have the need for more stability. This photo speaks of this particular balance that I crave. With the stark contrasts and wide open sky, it makes me feel centred and calm. Nature does that for me, it calms my soul and revives my tired mind.

Desiree (right): This week has been hard. It's been filled with moments of reflection & affection. Of sadness & hope. Of thoughtfulness & glimpses of the future. These next few months will see changes & shifts -- ebb and flow. Though we saw hints of spring, our city has been once again left completely white & I feel as though I'm being given a clean slate. I want to take deep breaths & take each moment stride by stride. I want to live purposefully & deliberately, with grace & with love.


  1. beautiful thoughts for haunting photos. great job both of you.

  2. Lovely photos Johanna. It's amazing how nature can calm us. I hope you get some stability and peace back in your life soon!

  3. Thank you all so much. Its interesting how Desiree and I both seem to be in a similar mindset this week.
    Lots of love to you too Desiree!

  4. You and Desiree are so open, honest and thoughtful. That's hard to do with complete strangers. I love both images.


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