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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the tuesday diptych project

The Tuesday Diptych Project is a collaboration between two Canadian mothers, connected by coincidence & inspired by the everyday. Each Tuesday, Desiree from So Fawned and I shall each capture a moment from our day, independent of each other, which we will then pair up and share on our respective blogs. We’re very excited to see the similarities and differences that this project will bring to light.

Johanna (left): For me, this picture reminds me of calm quiet moments in my home. I cherish stillness. It helps my mind to ease itself, it allows me the space that I need to think and to create. In this picture you can see in the background the door to my studio illuminated by the sun. The sun casts a bright sunny spot on the floor in the hallway. In the foreground, an antique chair from my mother in law, a painting we picked up when thrifting and our big blue t.v. hutch that we got 2nd hand that hides all of our electronics. This is my home, where I feel safe and protected.

Desiree (right): My favourite part about living in a house is the fact that we have such a gorgeous little property. For years we’ve been “second floor living without a yard” and the fact that I can now look outside to see the pretty blue porch, the gorgeous red sumac and all sorts of greenery thrills me beyond measure. Even now, in the depths of winter, I find beauty in the solitary branches – my sleeping garden. It’s a comforting & constant reminder that the brilliance of Spring is just barely in the distance.


  1. What a great idea! I love it.
    Both pictures are beautiful. And they look very nice together, too.
    I will love following this project. :)

  2. That is a fantastic idea. I'll look forward to more of these! Both pictures are stunning and go so well together.


  3. Love this new collaboration 'tween you & Desiree! I shall tune in every week to see what moment you capture next. :)

  4. thank you so much for all of the lovely comments, it means so much to me. you are all lovely lovely ladies xox

  5. Great idea ladies. I love this...looking forward to seeing the next one.

  6. this...what a great the photographs

    i'll be following too



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