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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love....

I love....the thick and heavy falling snow....holding my baby close and tight.....the way he smells after his bath.....cupcakes and earl grey tea- great combo.....drawing silly love hearts in my sketchbook.....going to value village.....having a skype date with my hubby......receiving surprise texts from my hubby where he says I miss you so much.....eating quinoa- it's so good....listening to mix cds made by best friends.
What are you loving?


  1. love!
    feeling healthy and my new yoga class.
    the way my husband makes me laugh.
    skype dates with my brother and sisters.
    singing loud in the car.
    cuddling with my puppy in the morning.
    the song "home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
    praying before bed.

    I want to try quinoa, do you usually eat it for breakfast like oatmeal?

  2. :thick blankets, chicken noodle soup made by Chad's mom last night, and a morning off-which I am enjoying right now.

    Glad to hear that you and your hubs get to stay in contact while he is away.

  3. Oh, those little hearts are so cute!! And a Skype date -- so cute!
    I've also been dying to go to Value Village lately -- haven't made a trip up there in a while & I'm in the market for a few things ^_^

  4. Mmmh, cupcakes and earl grey.
    Right now I'm loving that it's Thursday and weekend is almost here. And Kiki cuddles, my warm kitchen, and daydreaming of the new apartment.

  5. Aimes- you can definitely eat quinoa for breakfatlike oatmeal- however I usually have it as a side at dinner or I make it into a cold salad.
    Loving everyone's love lists! xox

  6. The hearts are so cute. I really should drink earl grey more often. Sounds like a great combination with cupcakes. :)


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