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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday

My goodness is it really Sunday already? It goes by quickly doesn't it? Well today was a busy day of sorts. We went to church this morning and then had some of Winslow's work friends over for a little afternoon drinks/appetizers thing. I made a cheesey artichoke spinach dip that was warmed up. I'll give you the recipe if you're interested, of course I forgot to take a pic of it, but it was good.. Soon Winslow and his colleagues will be heading off to Vancouver for a month- Olympic duties. Have I told you that I will be away from Winslow for a month? A whole month! I'm starting to feel the panic set in already....but don't feel bad for me, I'm going to be going to Ottawa for the month so that I can be near family...yay for visits and girl time!
As promised I am going to give you a little peek into my studio. It's not perfect. It's not finished. But I like it and it will probably be staying this way for a long time.
Happy Sunday friends. What were you up to today? Cooking? Making? Walking? Chillen?


  1. Love your studio! And your artwork!!

    That'll be fun for him to go to the Olympics. Hot Husband wanted to go but it's better that he's not with me working now and all!

    Good that you can go be with family though. That'll be so fun.

  2. PS - I will do that tag I promise promise!

  3. I bet that you can see so many inspiring things looking through that window...I love that you put your desk right smack dab in front of it:)

    Oh I am sympathizing with you that you are going to be away from your love soon...I hate that feeling.

    Am so happy you like reading my blog--it really means a lot to me to be given a simple cute award (have already started a draft about that one)


  4. Been spending the day cleaning & getting ready for our doors/windows to be replaced!
    Now I'm thinking about heading to sleep -- as soon as I get a little post up!

  5. I have been trying to clean up the house over the weekend! But half the times, i sit around contemplating which to trash and keep. I like your studio! It's so neat and spacious.

    And thank you for that oh-so sweet happy award! You're such a darling!


  6. visiting from soul aperture. if you are coming here, dress that boy warmly. it is cold and damp in the capital city.

  7. Thanks dear friends, the studio is a lovely addition. I love sitting at that table (it was my grandma's kitchen table) and painting.


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