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Friday, January 29, 2010

family fun day

It was cold and blustery yesterday in Ottawa so we decided to escape the chill by going to the Museum of Nature for the afternoon. The museum was quiet and still under construction, but we had a nice time together, making the most of our last few days together as a family (Winslow leaves on Monday). Of course Noah slept through the entire visit to the museum but we made sure to take pics just so that one day he'll know that he was there.
It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Infact, I think this was our very first time going to a museum all together. Oh how I cherish our time together. Oh how I feel so blessed to have my little family.
Included are some pics from our day. Some were taken at Winslow's parent's place where I will be staying for the month, Some on the road and some at the museum. Enjoy.


  1. That first picture of Noah is so precious.
    And you are beautiful Johanna!!!

  2. I agree...the photo of Noah looking out the window is adorable...and you are too....


  3. Oh, my kids would love that museum! What cool exhibits!


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