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Thursday, December 3, 2009

a pause, a cuddle and some creativity.

a pause from life. a pause from the computer, the phone and the t.v. more music. more candles. more quiet moments so that peace and calm can be felt in the home. healthy meals made in the crockpot. we all sit down to enjoy a meal together. a babe who was sick, who only wanted mama, who had sniffles and a cough. a babe who is better now, who is back to himself, who is laughing and playing once again. getting back on track, trying to stay healthy. making to-do lists. staying on top of it all. gluing, printing, stamping, cutting. crafts, cards, art, gifts.


  1. Glad to hear he is feeling better! :)

  2. Oh nice, happy he's feeling better.
    G is all stuffed up now :( Poor thing was having such a hard time getting to sleep tonight. Nursing was so difficult with her boogery nose!

  3. oh no! why do lil babies have to be sick? noah has been nursing up a storm since being sick. i've never seen him so hungry all the time.


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