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Monday, December 7, 2009

give thanks

I've been inspired to make a gratitude journal. I realize that this has been done before and I'm in no way inventing this idea. Rather, I am joining the bandwagon of others out there who take notice of the little things and who count their blessings. I am giving thanks for all that I have in my life. The little things that make it all worth while.

To start

  • visits with my mom. visits with my sisters & niece (no matter how short). visits with my grandmother, aunts and uncle. Family.
  • baking, making and tasting delicious homemade treats with my mom.
  • brisk walks that recharge my batteries.
  • wet, slobbery, open mouth kisses from my babe. There is nothing more sweet.
  • stealing a kiss from my husband while in line at IKEA. Holding hands as we walk around the mall. Feeling like it's just the 2 of us once again.
  • candlelit dinners.
  • having delicious leftovers and warming up to a bowl of turkey noodle soup.
  • Christmas lights brightening up our dark street.
  • cinnamon coffee in the morning.
  • long phone calls with best friends. A necessity.


  1. This is such a sweet post! I have been meaning to try out baking, but i can never get it started. And i love point number 5! The sweetest thing to do! Surprise kisses! It is always good to be reminded of the earliest days, ain't it? Where it all started.

    Is that Noah in the photo? What a cutie he is!

  2. thanks for stopping by Fee-AMore. Yes that is my little sweetheart. Hope you are having a lovely day in your neck of the woods!


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