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Saturday, September 26, 2009

birthday love

Yesterday was my birthday and I think its fair to say that it was one of the best birthdays that I have ever had. Mostly because I got to spend it with my absolute favourite little man. Just watching him smile and hearing him coo put makes my heart sing and always puts a huge smile on my face.
So this is how my special day went. I woke up and tended to Mr. Noah. Then I went downstairs to find beautiful sunny sunflowers from my husband and some very thoughtful gifts from him laid out on the dining room table. I then enjoyed opening the many cards that dear friends and family sent to me. And I was a very lucky girl and had two special packages sent to me from my bestest friends Roxy and Liz which I very much enjoyed opening as was overwhelming to receive so many birthday gifts and cards.
The morning went on like this. I had a yummy cinnamon coffee. Noah fed then I fed. I did some laundry and talked on the phone to my bestest bawkers , my mumma and my great aunt. Then we (Noah and I) decided to get some fresh and go for a walk on Locke St. The weather was my favourite type of weather too. A nice crisp chill in the air and big fluffy clouds in the sky. I had a yummy earl grey latte at Starbucks and bought this cd for Noah. He was begging for it, ok, I really wanted it for him.
We then came home from our walk to find a gorgeous fall planter of mums, ornamental cabbage and wheat on our front step from my Dad and step mother who had come down from Ottawa to visit us. Winslow came home from work and we all got ready to go out for a yummy dinner of Thai food.
After dinner we enjoyed a yummy dessert of assorted cupcakes from the Cupcake Shop while I put the phone on speaker phone and listened to the many birthday messages that were left for me.
I must say, I felt the birthday love! Phone calls, cards, gifts, good company....over and over again I felt a real sense of truly being blessed and loved. And that feeling my friends was the best gift of all.

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