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Friday, August 14, 2009

these hands

My fingers are numb from late pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. This really makes me sad because as of late, the only thing that keeps me relatively sane is making art. But for now, with these numb fingers and shaky hands painting is pretty much out of the question. Which makes me never want to take my hands for granted ever again. Think of all the tasks, daily house work, art, writing, baking, back rubbing, ect we do with our hands?
I remember when my grandmother turned a certain age and was no longer able to knit. That Christmas she knew that her knitting days were coming to an end so she went all out on gifts and knit each of my sisters and I a throw (blanket). Everyone knew the significance of these blankets, they would be her last creation. Something that she made out of love for us to cherish for ever and ever.
The symbolism behind hands is great. Rings are exchanged and placed on fingers on wedding days, we shake hands when we meet someone, we clap our hands to show our appreciation of something. We make music and art by using our hands and we use our hands to communicate by using sign language. Hands can heal, hands can create, hands can hurt or comfort someone.
Such a simple thing that can be taken for granted. And after losing the feeling in my hands I'm promising to never forget all the meaning and use my hands give me.

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  1. I love this post Johanna! I had completely forgotten about the carpal tunnel issues that plagued me while pregnant, it was problematic while trying to simultaneously finish my grad year at university! I remember watching my Grammie go through the same thing, first with her hands and then with her eyes. It reminds me to appreciate my young and healthy body.


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