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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a lovely surprise

Guess what was sitting outside on my doorstep yesterday? A brown cardboard box addressed to me, at our new house!!! I eagerly cut open the box and to my delight found 4 darling classic children's books that were sent to us by our dear friend Sweta!
What a lovely surprise! As I read the books aloud I felt kicks and rolls from inside. This little one is already a reader.
Oh and a little sneak peek of what the babe's room is looking like. I can't wait to post a blog about it!


  1. Great books! Isn't it amazing how books can make you feel insanely happy? Oh I love them!
    (Precious nursery, btw)

  2. thanks so much!!! Yes I agree with the books. I love all kinds of books, as my best friend says "they are like old friends".


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