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Monday, July 20, 2009


This is what I find charming...
  • using a special mug that reminds me of a trip or has sentimental meaning (like my Mountie mug)
  • watching all kinds of people from the neighbourhood (children, elderly, teens) stop by the mulberry bush across the street to pick and eat the berries.
  • spending an afternoon on my knees bent over in my new garden. The smell and feel of the earth. The birds signing. It makes me feel connected to my Italian grandma, the one I never had a chance to know.
  • having a certain guy come home (in uniform!) from a long shift with little pastry boxes full of yummy country bakery treats. Lemon squares, rhubarb pie, butter tarts.
How about you? What's charming to you?

1 comment:

  1. * sean playing rock, paper, scissors with my kindergartners on skype
    * my two favorite TV chefs (Giada De Laurentiis, Jamie Oliver). they are more yummy than the food the cook!
    * toothy grins
    * afternoon spent with a book, cupcake and pomegranate ice tea
    * you!


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